Since its inception in 2003, KALA has been steadily achieving its milestones towards becoming a world leader in the wide-format finishing segment. KALA has embedded the very meaning of its name (a Hindi word meaning art and creativity) not just as a brand name, but also as the source of inspiration for its designing and manufacturing processes.

We are proud of our success and this success has not come by chance. The factors that constantly contribute our success are:

  • Activity and attention attuned to wide Format Print Finishing.
  • A thorough understanding of the market and anticipating user requirements ensures that we consistently raise the bar to be at par with the current demands.
  • No compromises on quality of components that make up the equipment or the competence and technology used for manufacturing.
  • Rigorous and constant quality control.
  • Electromagnetic interferences and electrical stability certified by Emitech Laboratories and APAVE safety certification ensures that KALA products meet or exceed CE, CEM and RoHS standards.
  • Procurement policies in line with maintaining an interactive relationship with partners, suppliers and sub-contractors, ensuring quality of the parts that make up the KALA equipment.
  • An exclusive distribution channel policy (Manufacturer - Distributor – End user) to ensure that our end-users get the products they need at the right price and time.
  • Qualified and Trained distributors in every region allow KALA to provide its end-users with timely expert advice and support.

KALA’s geographic proximity to most of its suppliers and sub-contracts means that its manufacturing processes leaves a smaller carbon foot-print.

Components and production designs are continuously monitored and improved to manufacture energy-efficient KALA products.


KALA recently took its product offering one notch up by launching the Dye Sublimation Calender for the emerging textile printing industry. KALA included the Dye Sublimation Calender in its product range as the result of its partnership with one of the world renowned manufacturer of the product. The combination of a world-class product and KALA’s quality policies, we are certain that our distributors and end-users can take a bold step in the textile printing market.

We would like to thank our partners,
distributors and suppliers
for their help and support in the continuing development of Kala.